Born in 1964, I was first attracted by the Arts during military service; an attraction later developed into a curious fascination for painting and photography only after 1985.
Though that first creative impulse revealed itself to be shortlived - just a few years later, in 1997, I would stop taking photos altogether with my old camera, I still managed to bring forward and mature a personal journey and research through very few B/W rolls, some polaroids and my meeting with an iconic photographer of the 20th century.
I have no intention of merely illustrate what's out there; I instead always try to write sudden, abrupt stories with my photos and my smartphone allows me to do just that.
I call them "photoequivalences" since my pictures spawn just from what little free will you're still able to have left and the dichotomy between my inner chaos and myself - all of this without forgetting my everlasting metaphysical research.

Exhibitions (mostre):

"Dove il mare incontra la terra" (2021) - Una mostra, a cura di Simona Guerra, in programma a Senigallia.

Presenti opere di Eriberto Guidi, Alvaro Stoppani, Mario Giacomelli, Renzo Tortelli, Carlo Traini, Domenico Taddioli, Silvio Pellegrini, Studio Cingolani, Carlo Traini, Ottaviano Lasconi, Ignacio Maria Coccia, Adriana Argalia, Alìta – Rita Santanatoglia, Giorgio Granatiero, Simone Francescangeli, Archivio Storico Leopoldi, Benedetta Montini, ed altri.

International Photo Project (2021) is a photography exhibition aimed at bringing together artists of all nationalities. For the 2021 edition, Italian, Japanese and Cuban artists will be presented.

Premio internazionale Raffaello Sanzio (2020) (unico fotografo ammesso alla finale ed in mostra a via Margutta).

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Articoli e recensioni: (per Cellophane) (per Promenade) (per Cool Grey 4 U)





Premio internazionale Raffaello Sanzio: Honorable Mantion (unico fotografo ammesso alla finale ed in mostra a via Margutta).



Intervista Fiera RAW - Rome Art Week 2020:

Intervista Società Fotografica Vigevanese 2021:

Incontro con il circolo fotografico per Ambiente Fotografìa  ospite di “Maatrice” (per Promenade):

Incontro con il circolo fotografico “Il Castello”:


CREATIVE SIENA AWARDS - Highly Commended Nature & Landscape with Shy Soul (2020)

ND AWARDS - Honorable Mantion Fine Art - Conceptual with Homo Sapiens (2020)
ND AWARDS - Honorable Mantion Special - Mobile Photography with Uomo nuovo (2020)
URBAN Photo Awards - Finalist (2020)

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