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"Facing in"

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"Facing in" is my investigation of a person’s self-memory, as portrayed by their observation for little more than an instant, enough time to merge two higher faculties of the human being, emotion and intellect.

Un'idea nata oggi

With "Facing in" I proceed to subtract the identity of the observed subject in order to return their negative and offer an opportunity for personal understanding and verification.

Remembering oneself helps to process all sadness and suffering and allows us to better understand our present.

Transforming one's face into a negative accentuates normally invisible somatic traits, which can now finally show the subject that every emotion (anger, fear, self-pity, etc. etc.) depends on the individual himself and not on external factors in their own life.


At a time when the photographic portrait is most often seen as an automatic, mechanical action, I wish to return a photographic grammar rich in meta-psychoanalytic suggestions.

In a dimension where the human being is conditioned by the excessive speed and distraction imposed by our time, these images bring back to the center of attention the psychic processes of the person portrayed before their surfacing to consciousness with their energy and dynamics.


This work is an idea that is meant to try to open a breach: in order to better develop their own essence, each person must improve their relationship with the self and relationship with others. The latter is fundamental to evolution because without any interactions with others, human beings would be indistinguishable from all other living beings.

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Alcune immagini tratte da "Facing in":

anno 2022

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